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It’s that time of year where we look to the future and fantasise about where we’d like to be this time next year!

Will we be richer? Slimmer? Happier? In a better job? In a better relationship? A better person all round? All admirable goals and aims to have, but how do we achieve them?!

The first thing to do is PRIORITISE!

Start gently, once you have small victories you will be motivated to try bigger goals, as opposed to starting too high and missing, that can be de moralising.

What is the most important thing for you to work on right now?

Sometimes things go hand in hand, if losing weight and getting fit are in your plan these work well together and one can lead to the other. But perhaps trying to give up smoking, drinking and sugar all at once is a stage too far?!

Remember to time manage! Looking for a new job can be a job in its self, don’t put yourself under too much time pressure or again, you will feel overwhelmed and more likely to give up.


Are you really going to lose two stone, stop smoking and take up jogging in the first two month of the New Year? Better to be realistic and achieve than be over-ambitious and fail!

It is unlikely you are going to change everything all at once, so:

When you have worked out what your top resolution is, work out HOW you are going to achieve it. Break it down into bite sized pieces and set a timeframe for each goal, that way it is realistic, manageable and easy to measure your progress. If all you feel you can manage is swapping one chocolate biscuit a day for a bit of fruit, then be proud of that – its a start, its the first step and its definitely better than doing nothing! Give yourself at least two weeks to give something up or start something new (it takes 14 days to make or break a habit) before you try another resolution. Start easy and work your way up.

If you slip up – and we all do – draw a line under and start a fresh the next day! The road to success is not a straight one, but has highs and lows. God luck! You can do it! Make 2017 the year you become the best You that you can be!

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