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Being active

Being active

Being active is one of the easiest and most effective ways of improving both your physical and mental health.

A little regular exercise can ease depression and anxiety, boost energy and mood, and relieve stress. But you don’t have to be a fitness fanatic to reap the benefits!

There are lots of enjoyable ways to use physical activity to help you feel better, look better, and enjoy life more.

No matter your age or fitness level, Active Communities want to help you get that feelgood factor. Read more »

Health and wellbeing

Health and wellbeing

Active Communities delivers a range of programmes as part of contracts, funded initiatives and for partner agencies.

These programmes are targeted at geographical areas and/or specific age groups.

We aim to build the capacity of the local community to deliver the programmes with us.

We do this by recruiting, training and supporting local people to become volunteers and leaders. This helps to ensure the sustainability of the projects at a local level. Read more »

About Active Communities

About Active Communities

Active Communities was established as a result of the success of Jogging Buddies, which was set up in 2003 to promote walking and jogging in the Paisley area.

Our aim is to create happy, healthy and active communities where people enjoy being healthy, physically active and active citizens in their communities.

We deliver physical activity, community sport and health and wellbeing classes programmes and encourage and support everyone regardless of age or ability.

Our youngest member is two months and our oldest is 91! Read more »