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What is mindfulness. Well it is not mind full ness. Where the mind is filled with a variety of random, racing thoughts. Nor is it mindlessness, where thoughts are reacted to without care and attention.

Mindfulness is about being aware of the present moment. Not dwelling on the past or dreaming of the future, but being focussed on what is happening in the moment. Did you notice the sky today, or the trees, or other aspects of your environment? Usually people are so lost in their thoughts they do not notice any of these things.

To be mindful is to be aware that we do not need to react to whatever thoughts come into our heads, but to pay attention to thoughts and sensations without judgement. Being mindful is to be an observer of our thoughts and to choose the thoughts we want to respond to, because they will serve us well.

How many times have you eaten a meal and been completely unaware of what you are eating, because your thoughts have been on other things even on what you will be eating later. Instead being mindful is about using your senses to savour the food, tasting it, touching it, smelling it. Making sure you are focussed on every mouthful. Appreciating having food.

People suffering from depression have their thoughts focussed on the past, while people suffering from anxiety are worrying about the future. Learning to be mindful is about knowing you cannot change the past, but accept what has happened and let it go. Recognising you cannot live the future now. Today is a gift that is why it is called the present. You only ever have this moment now. Now is where our minds should be.

It is alright to plan for the future and if you can take steps now towards that then do so, but if nothing more can be done today towards your goal, then relax and enjoy this moment.

Learn to love the person you are. Do not compare yourself to others, as we all have our own paths to walk. Stop letting your thoughts criticise you and call you names you would never dream of calling anyone else. When you find yourself doing this, remind yourself you are a loveable person, who was born with everything you need to reach your full potential and learn to change the way you think.

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