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Community Food Project Brief – Feel Good about Food

Introduction and Background

Active Communities is a community-led organisation that develops and delivers innovative programmes across Renfrewshire that inspire people to become more active, improve health and wellbeing and empower people to change their lives. Our 2020 vision is happy, healthy and active communities where people of all ages and abilities are given the opportunity to feel good about themselves. We inspire, support and enable local people to improve their health and wellbeing and that of their community.

Our Feel Good Renfrewshire 2020 project aims to increase and improve our services for people experiencing poverty and disadvantage and to grow our organisation. During consultation with the local community and partners, we have identified a need to develop a community food project in Johnstone and Linwood to meet community needs.

Consultation with the local community identified:

  • a lack of cooking skills
  • a lack of confidence and knowledge on how to cook healthy meals
  • not knowing how to cook on a budget
  • a need for affordable options
  • a desire to have an affordable community led food project delivered locally
  • development of a community kitchen

We have also had a discussion with partners about developing a support service for families accessing the food bank. This would involve teaching basic cooking skills and developing menu planners for food distributed by the food bank

We have also identified a need to look at new and innovative ways to tackle issues around healthy eating and weight management, with local people not accessing the current services that are delivered.

Objectives of the project:

· To work with the Feel Good Renfrewshire team to ensure that premises used for the Cooking Project meet Cooksafe requirements and gain appropriate certification

· To deliver 4 cooking courses for community members

· To deliver 2 healthy eating / weight management courses

· To provide report on activities delivered, including monitoring and evaluation

· To develop appropriate policies / procedures for a new community kitchen

· To work with the Feel Good Renfrewshire team and partners to develop a sustainable food project to address food poverty

· To make recommendations on the development of a community kitchen,highlighting all the necessary steps and regulations required to develop this facility

· To investigate and make recommendations for setting up a social enterprise with food at the heart

· To work with the Feel Good Renfrewshire team and local community to put in place sustain the project

‘The work must take into consideration all current legislation which would affect the project, including Health and Safety, Environmental Health, Licensing regulations, Disability Discrimination.’


It is anticipated that the project will include both desk and field-based research, delivery of activities, community and partner consultation. The process of community involvement in this project is essential. You should allow for time / travel spent in the community in you costs.


Start Date March 2019

Completion date 31st December 2019

Specific targets will be set per quarter in discussion with consultant


It is envisaged that this study should take no more than 10 months to complete, and that the total fee should not exceed £10,000.


The project will be managed by Active Communities. The nominated contact person is Rachel McCafferty, Community Development Office.


Please provide the following details with your quote:

  • relevant experience and competency possessed by yourself and other personnel who will work on the project
  • full costs inclusive of expenses
  • proposed timetable for activities

Please submit your quote to:

Susan McDonald, Active Communities, by 1st March 2019

Date of brief

7th February 2019

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