Jogging Buddies Explore Millport

On Sunday April 21st, our Jogging Buddies group embarked on their highly anticipated annual journey to Millport. With near-perfect weather - a gentle drizzle and a soft breeze - the conditions were ideal for their adventure. With 17 eager participants, including 8 cycling enthusiasts, they set out to conquer the trails of Millport.

The attendees were surprised with goodie bags from Active Communities - a thoughtful gesture to help fuel their spirits for the day ahead.

Following an exhilarating run, they gathered for a well-deserved lunch. A brave group then decided to embrace the chilly embrace of the sea, donning swimsuits and diving into the refreshing waters.

Reflecting on the day's events, one member shared, “It always is such a fun feel-good day at the Millport run, and it is all down to Active Communities. It leaves us on a high for the rest of the week. The ones from the groups who didn't make the day out were saying they hope to come next year and were disappointed to miss it... We had lots of laughs."

It was clear that everyone in the group had a great day out, as can be seen from the feedback and smiles captured in the photographs below!

Jogging Buddies Explore Millport