New course to help people deal with grief

We are delighted to be starting a new course at Active Communities in January to support people living with the effects of grief, change or loss.

This four-week course from Seasons for Growth is run by fully-trained leaders (also called companions). The groups are small and the course is FREE to take part in thanks to funding from the Community Health and Wellbeing Fund.
Some of the life changes highlighted by Seasons of Growth which people may need support with include a loss of someone or something you love, changing friendships, parent or family separation, impact of illness, family/work/life changes or moving to a new place.
Run over four sessions, Exploring the Seasons of Grief is a small group grief and loss programme. Through the course, people learn that they are not alone. It's the impact of the change, not the event itself that Seasons for Growth focuses on. It does not provide counselling or therapy.
Seasons for Growth offers a range of activities to allow each person:
  • To explore the impact of change and loss on everyday life
  • Understand it is normal to have lots of different feelings
  • Explore new ways to deal with change and loss in their lives
  • Take part in a group with friends and a trained companion

The course is about the individual and their response to change and loss. It does not focus on the circumstances or issues private to your family.

Seasons for Growth will run from Friday, January 20 from 12noon till 2pm at Station Seven, 7 Quarry Street, Johnstone.
If you are interested in taking part, please email to reserve a spot.
New course to help people deal with grief