Another community partnership for Active Communities

We were delighted to support a project by Houston and Killellan Kirk and The River Inn in Houston to give people a warm meal this winter.

Active Communities was approached by Frankie Greenwood, families and community development worker with Houston and Killellan Kirk, who had applied for and was given a Winter Variant Grant from the Church of Scotland.

The grant encourages churches to work with groups in their community to provide warm spaces over the winter months.

Frankie had already agreed with the River Inn in Houston, Renfrewshire to provide Sunday
lunches for up to 30 people from the end of 2022 till the end of March.

She then approached Active Communities for help to identify people in the community who would benefit from the warm meal.

Amanda Moulson, Station Seven Development Manager at Active Communities, said: "We were delighted when Frankie approached us about supporting the project and are happy we were able to help.
"During the cost of living crisis it's so important to be able to support those in need with dignity and this is a lovely project to give people a trip out and a hot, tasty meal.
"We know a lot of people who would welcome a treat like this, especially those who come along to our Community Pantry every Wednesday.
"We hope everyone involved enjoyed taking part."

Frankie said: "Our plan was to provide a hot meal and a warm space for people at the River Inn.
"We approached Active Communities to see if they could put us in touch with people they
support through their Community Pantry. We're delighted to have their support.
"I'd like to thank Jason and his team at the River Inn for their support and generosity with the project. They all went above and beyond to support the project.
"As well as the hot meal we also gave out warm clothes and blankets.
Over the four months of the project, a total of 103 hot meals were enjoyed, and over 100 warm blankets provided."

Another community partnership for Active Communities