Our Place Our Families

Renfrew West – Our Place Funding Bid

Our Place Our Families EventActive Communities was commissioned by Moorpark Parents Support Group (MPSG) to support and assist them with their bid to the Big Lottery. This included organisation of partner forum meetings, arranging study visits, organising community consultation events, and assisting in the writing up final stage II application. Active Communities also facilitated, wrote up and disseminated information from the four family consultation events.

We successfully completed: desk research into the demographic / socio-economic profile of families in the area to identify health and wellbeing needs, analysis of local and national strategies to ensure project activity would fit with and address these, assessment of existing provision via meeting with 14 stakeholders and 5 partners forums to identify gaps in services and support, extensive consulation (1100 participants) with the families in the area to identify the specific needs of local parents / carers. Study visits were arranged to eight projects and research done into 10 family projects to identify the best approach to delivering the activity.

Active Communities was also able to build the capacity of the MPSG during this time through an Our Place Renfrew West Induction Workshop: 10 leaders/volunteers attended this course. Leaders/volunteers were able to learn a range of fun consultation methods. This contract resulted in a successful bid to the big lottery and the establishment of Our Place Our Families, Renfrew, a community led initiative.

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