Other volunteering opportunities

Volunteering with Active Communities can be very rewarding and we are always very grateful for local community members willing to give up their time and knowledge to benefit others.

Volunteering with Active Communities.Active Communities organises a range of events each year where we rely on local volunteers to help us. Duties include setting up equipment, stewarding, late entries, administration, helping with activities. Please see our calendar of events for more details.

We also have volunteers who help with our classes. This can range from helping to meet and greet new members, helping with the register to assisting our leaders with delivery. For further information on the range of classes we deliver please click here.

If you have business, financial or marketing experience you may be interested in joining our Board of Directors. Our Board of Directors ensures Active Communities has a clear set of goals and strategy, is making sure the action to achieve those goals is being taken and meets its legal and financial obligations.

We provide training for all our volunteers and you will be given support from the relevant staff team member. If you are interested in volunteering with Active Communities, please contact us by email: info@activecommunities.co.uk

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