Community Health Champion Volunteers

Community Health Champions

Community Health Champions are local volunteers that reside in the Renfrewshire area that care about the health of their community and those around them. Our volunteers are a valued group of individuals, that we offer training and support, giving them the appropriate skills and knowledge that they can share within their local community.

Community Health Champions are dedicated volunteers that help to motivate individuals in their local communities and workplaces to make positive changes and enjoy improved health and wellbeing through peer to peer support, building on their own unique life experiences, skills and knowledge of their local area.

Our Community Health Champions continue to support a wide range of Community roadshows, local events and support our local partners in engaging with the local community. This also gives the Community Health champions the opportunity to shape local services and share their knowledge and experience with local communities. It also gives the champions the chance to consult with local people to find out what activities that they would like to see and participate in.

Active Communities has been delivering the Community Health Champions programme for several years. The programme has focused on building the skills and confidence of our recruited volunteers and supporting them to develop groups and activities to address local needs and priorities.

We aim to continue to develop the role of our Community Health Champions, to meet the ever-changing society that we live in. We are constantly ensuring that we offer a wide range of training opportunities, that equips our existing and new volunteers with the appropriate skills to take on new volunteering roles within our local community.

Volunteering with Active Communities can be very rewarding, and we are always very grateful for local community members willing to give up their time and knowledge to benefit others.

Active Communities organise and support a range of events, whereby we rely on local volunteers to help us. We have several roles that we would like supported with:

Community Health Champion Buddies

Community Health Champions

Sports Coaches

Youth Work Assistants

Group Work Helpers

If you are interested in volunteering with Active Communities, please contact us by email :


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