Community Health Champion volunteers

community health champion logoCommunity Health Champions are people who, with training and support, voluntarily bring their ability to relate to people and their own life experience to transform health and well-being in their communities.

Within their families, communities and workplaces they empower and motivate people to get involved in healthy social activities, create groups to meet local needs and signpost people to relevant support and services. Community Health Champions help others to enjoy healthier lives by raising awareness of health and healthy choices, sharing health messages, removing barriers and creating supportive networks and environments.

Our aims

We aim to use this approach to provide to an effective way of reaching people and make a real difference within communities. Champions will also influence and shape local services, initiate community development opportunities and gain skills to move into further training, volunteering roles and employment.
Sometimes the best person to know how you are feeling, or how to do something positive in your local area, or how to make changes to your life, is a family member, neighbour or friend, and that’s where our Health Champions will make an amazing difference.

These dedicated volunteers will help to motivate individuals in their local communities and workplaces to make positive changes and enjoy improved health and well-being through peer to peer support, building on their own unique life experience, skills and knowledge of their local area.

Heart Start TrainingWhat we do

Community Health Champions will be trained and supported by Active Communities and volunteer in their local community to get people involved in healthy social activities, create groups to meet local needs and to sign post people to relevant support and services.

We believe to tackle health inequalities we need to engage, motivate, support, facilitate, enthuse and enable local people. Our Community Health Champions programme aims to do this.

We are currently piloting our Community Health Champions programme in the Linwood area with 16 volunteers. We believe that local people know what is best for their community. We want to work with local volunteers to find solutions to local health issues.

We support local people by providing resources and information on opportunities available locally. In conjunction with our volunteers we are developing a training programme based on their needs. So far this has included health issues in the community, health statistics, what's on in the area at present, information from the Health Improvement Team and Heartstart.

If you are interested in becoming a Health Champion please contact Fiona by email: call her at the office or find us on Facebook.

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