About us

Active Communities is an innovative and award-winning health and wellbeing charity in Renfrewshire. We change lives through motivating and engaging programmes which we deliver using a supportive and friendly approach. We believe in the power of community, listening to community needs and working with local people to improve their health and wellbeing. Our aims are to connect local people, improve health and wellbeing, reduce loneliness and isolation, tackle health inequalities and provide opportunities for people to reach their full potential.


Our community will be happy, healthy, active, and connected.


Empowering local people, by inspiring, supporting and enabling them to reach their full potential.


This is the way we work, our DNA and how we will deliver our activities and projects.

Engaging - We listen to local communities, participants, volunteers, staff, and partners

and involve them in our work.

Inspiring - We inspire people through our passion, enthusiasm, and professionalism.

Enabling - We support our participants, volunteers and staff and provide opportunities for them to reach their full potential.

Caring - We care about and respect everyone we work with and will go that extra mile to help and support each other.

Inclusive - We encourage everyone to be part of our organisation.

Excellent - We aim for excellence and best quality in all that we do.

Influential - We work in partnership to shape policy and develop programmes at a local and national level.

Fun - We enjoy what we do and encourage others to have fun and feel good too. To support, motivate and enable our staff and volunteers to reach their full potential.

In 2010, Jogging Buddies changed its company name to Active Communities to better reflect the range of work undertaken in local communities. The company is now a registered charity. Our office base is in Paisley and we work in Renfrewshire and surrounding local authorities.

Our aim is to create happy, healthy and active communities where people enjoy being healthy, physically active and active citizens in their communities.

We deliver physical activity, community sport and health and wellbeing classes and programmes. We want to encourage and support you to get involved regardless of your age or ability. Our youngest member is two months and our oldest is 91!


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