Christmas Tree Craft

Paper Plate Christmas Trees

Here's another great craft activity using paper plates! This one was inspired by IHeartCraftyThings and uses just a few simple materials that you can usually find around your house if you have arts & crafts materials, or find at your local pound shop!

You will need:

- A paper plate

- Green acrylic paint

- Paint brush

- Safe scissors

- Ribbon or yarn

- Brown card or white card and brown paint

- White card or star shaped sequin or light decorative item

- Pompoms, sequins or any fun add ons

- Glue and/or double sided tape

- Stapler

- Hole punch (optional)

The process:

- Paint your paper plate green and if you don't have brown card, paint a brown rectangle for your tree trunk. Allow paint to dry.

- Once your paper plate is dry, cut it into thirds and then cut one section slightly smaller.

- If you have a hole punch, punch a few holes along the bottom of each section. You can use these holes to thread ribbon or yarn through to act as tinsel. Don't worry if you don't have a hole punch, you can simply glue your ribbon on after the next stage!

- Layer all the sections on top of each other, with the smallest section at the top. Staple, glue or use double sided tape to secure these together. Allow glue to dry.

- Decorate! Use you pompoms, sequins, ribbon or any other fun bits and bobs you have found to decorate your tree! Allow glue to dry.

- Cut out a star shape from your white card or use any star shaped item you may have to stick to the top of your tree. Cut out and attach your brown tree trunk. Allow glue to dry.

-You're done! Merry Christmas! Take a moment to appreciate your craftsmanship and share your work with the world! Send a picture to us at or tag us on social media and we will share it for everyone to see.

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