Healthy Christmas Snacks

Fun and Healthy Christmas Snacks

Christmas is definitely a time for indulging and having a few "naughty" snacks! It's always good to give your body a little break at this time of the year, but you can still eat healthy whilst having something fun and festive! Here's a few fun and easy to prepare Christmas themed snacks that everyone will enjoy!

Banana Snowmen

You will need:


1. Cut your strawberries and bananas in half. I also quartered some grapes to add for the hat details/



2. Add 3 banana slices, half a strawberry and a quarter of a grape onto your skewer.



3. Using raisins for eyes and buttons, and a dried sultana or other orange dried fruit for the carrot nose - press these into the banana for snowman features. DONE! Enjoy!




Grape Elves

You will need:

1. Slice banana and half strawberries.

2. Add your fruit in order: Whole green grape, banana slice, strawberry.

3. Complete! Enjoy!


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