Pine Cone Christmas Crafts

Make your own mini Christmas trees!

Hello! And, first of all, well done if you have found this fun activity during our Jingle Bell Elf Trail! It's been a strange year and it's left a lot of us wondering how we can keep ourselves busy or even celebrate while the world is like this! We hope these fun little winter activities give you some ideas on how to keep yourself busy during the festive period!

We found this lovely tutorial by The Imagination Tree and we just had to give it a try and share! A great way to make some simple Christmas decorations using a few easy to find items. It's suitable for all ages too and very easy to follow!

What you will need:


Green Acrylic paint

Coloured elastic bands

Small pom poms

Decorative string beads

PVA glue (optional)

The process;

1. Paint all your pinecones in your chosen colour, we have painted ours in a few different green tones to give them some variety! Don't worry if you can't paint all of them, seeing a little bit of the pinecone through the paint gives it a nice natural effect!

2. Wait for you paint to dry. Enjoy a nice warming drink while you wait! It is nearly Christmas after all, treat yourself to a hot chocolate!

3. Decorate! Due to the texture and gaps in the pine cones, you may be able to decorate without glue! This is a great option for younger children and avoids extra mess! Pompoms can be pushed into the gaps, and naturally held by the layers of the pine cone. However if this doesn't work for you, a little glue can come in handy! Elastic bands and beads can be wrapped round the cones to look like strands of tinsel.

4. You've done it! Give yourself a pat on the back and show off your new creation! Send a picture to us at or tag us on social media and we will share it for everyone to see.

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