Reindeer Paper Plate Craft

Make your own Rudolph!

Hello! And, first of all, well done if you have found this fun activity during our Jingle Bell Elf Trail! It's been a strange year and it's left a lot of us wondering how we can keep ourselves busy or even celebrate while the world is like this! We hope these fun little winter activities give you some ideas on how to keep yourself busy during the festive period!

We seen this simple little tutorial from Easy Peasy and Fun and we decided to give it a go and share with all of you!

You will need:

Paper plates

brown acrylic paint

A few sheets of white card

Red paint or red card

Black marker pen

Brown card (or use your paint to paint some white card)

Glue or double sided tape

Safe scissors

Paint brushes

The process:

1. Paint your paper plate brown and leave to dry.

2. If you do not have brown card or red card, paint a sheet of white card brown and paint a red circle on another sheet. Leave to dry.

3. Cut 2 circles out of your white card for eyes. If you have red and brown card; cut out a red circle and 2 brown antlers.

4. Draw pupils with your black marker onto your white card eyes that you have cut out.

5. Once your paint is dry, cut your paper plate in half, then cut those 2 pieces in half again. You should now have a triangular piece to use as your reindeer's face. If you painted a sheet of card brown, cut out two antler shapes now, as well as your red circular nose that you painted.

6. Using glue or double sided tape, attach your red nose to the point of your triangle, attack your 2 eyes above.

7. Attach both your antlers to the back of the paper plate. Allow all glue to dry.

8. Well done! You're finished! Share your amazing handy work with the world and find a perfect place to display it! Send a picture to us at or tag us on social media and we will share it for everyone to see.

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