Christmas Toilet Roll Characters

Make your own Christmas Friends!

Hello! And, first of all, well done if you have found this fun activity during our Jingle Bell Elf Trail! It's been a strange year and it's left a lot of us wondering how we can keep ourselves busy or even celebrate while the world is like this! We hope these fun little winter activities give you some ideas on how to keep yourself busy during the festive period!

We found these fun tutorials from ThatBaldChick and TheResourcefulMama and decided to give them a go and share with all of you! These tutorials both use toilet roll holders and some other easy to find items (check your local pound shop or craft store!).

The Snowman

You will need:

Toilet paper holders

Safe scissors

White acrylic paint or white coloured paper

Paint brush

Felt or fabric scraps

Pipe cleaners


Black pen

Orange pen

The process:

1. Paint your toilet roll tubes white, they may need a second coat! Allow to dry. Alternatively, wrap the tubes in white paper and secure with glue.

2. Use scissors to cut strips out of felt or your fabric scraps which will be long enough to wrap around the tubes as scarves. You can cut fringing into the edges to make them more realistic! Use a dab of glue to secure the scarves to the tubes. Allow glue to dry.

3. Cut pipe cleaners to around 3 inches, or however long you think you will need to bend over the top of the tube. Bend the pipe cleaners into a curved shape.

4. Glue the pipe cleaner to the top of the tube, refer to the photo for placement. Allow glue to dry.

5. Glue pompoms on top of the pipe cleaner ends, these are your ear muffs! Allow glue to dry.

6. Use your black pen to draw eyes, a mouth and buttons onto your snowman. Add a carrot nose using your orange pen.

7. You're finished! Take a moment to appreciate your craftsmanship! Send a picture to us at or tag us on social media and we will share it for everyone to see.


The Reindeer

You will need:

Toilet roll holder

Googly eyes

Red pompom

Brown card

Safe scissors

Pen or pencil

Glue or double sided tape

The process:

1. Trace both of your own or your little one's hands using your pen or pencil onto brown card. Alternatively you can paint your card brown like we have done!

2. Using your scissors, cut both hand prints out. Put these to the side for now.

3. Using your glue or double sided tape, attach your googly eyes and red pompom to the front of your toilet tube. This will create your face. Allow glue to dry.

4. Glue your hand prints to the back of your tube, allow glue to dry.

5. Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of a reindeer! Send a picture to us at or tag us on social media and we will share it for everyone to see.

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