Junior Jogscotland

junior jogging buddies

In 2007 Jogging Buddies approached jogscotland about developing a junior programme. We wanted to show young people that being active could be fun!

As Jogging Buddies we secured a contract to develop a national junior jogscotland programme promoting physical activity and healthy eating for primary school aged children.

The programme was piloted in Renfrewshire in 10 primary schools and our aim to involve the people at the schools in shaping the final programme was successful with over 300 children and 20 teaching staff involved in shaping the final programme.

Junior Jogscotland

The pilot took place in 2007 with a six-week block delivered at each school and feedback gathered through questionnaires, conversations and interviews. Resource materials and a training workshop were developed for volunteers / leaders.

Junior jogscotland was launched in 2007 and is now delivered in all 32 local authorities in Scotland, with over 50,000 children participating in the programme by 2010. It is used in the majority of primary schools in Renfrewshire and if you’d like to find out if your child’s school is participating please contact Active Schools.

We can deliver Junior jogscotland workshops. If you are interested then please get in touch with Fiona by email: fiona@activecommunities.co.uk call her at the office or find us on Facebook.

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