Active Ageing

Active Communities has been working with partners to develop a fun and effective Active Ageing programme.

With the help of Professor Dawn Skelton this programme has been designed to enable older people to be more active in their day to day life regardless of age by concentrating on:

The programmes main focus was falls prevention, to help reduce isolation and combat loneliness. The programme was delivered first at Reaching Older Adults Renfrewshire (ROAR) to deliver physical activity sessions at ROAR clubs. As a result of consulting with club members and partner agencies on their needs, we supported ROAR in developing the “ROARing to go“ programme Active Ageing Programmewhich provides physical activity sessions and health & well being at 12 ROAR clubs on a weekly basis. We have advised on monitoring and evaluation of the programme and the need for capacity building. This resulted in us facilitating a Development Day for ROAR staff, volunteers and members. The findings from this were written up and are being used to shape the future direction of the ROARing to go programme.

We delivered a pilot Active Ageing project in Barrhead in conjunction with Barrhead Housing Association and East Renfrewshire Community Health partnership. Sessions were delivered to residents in Barrhead Sheltered Housing complex on a weekly basis to improve balance, strength and endurance. We also developed “grab your gym bag”, a fun homework exercise where residents received a sports bag with stress ball, exercise band and set of exercise cards. Residents were encouraged to exercise at least once between our classes either on their own or with friends. The results were recorded each week. We monitored and evaluated this pilot and were able to show significant improvements in balance, fitness, self esteem and confidence. As a result of the success Barrhead Housing Association have continued with the sessions at the complex.

Sheltered Housing Renfrewshire

We are currently delivering our Active Ageing programme in 5 complexes. Sessions are tailored to the needs of residents. It is fun and effective, the gentle exercises have helped improve balance, reduced the risks of falling, and has improved the existing fitness of the older residents.

Agefest Games

Active Communities developed the Agefest Games, a fun team competition for older adults. We have designed the programme around the types of activities that we have been delivering as part of our Active Ageing programme. We added in lots of fun and a competitive element and the result was a fantastic event. Agefest Games took place at the Lagoon Leisure Centre in March 2013. More than 100 older adults participated in indoor curling, washing line challenge, obstacle course, sock sorting and javelin. Everyone in the team contributed to the overall score with all participants receiving a medal and trophies for the top three teams.

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