Paisley Elf Trail Route


Here's our suggested route for Paisley!

- Start at Barshaw Park (Find the elf)

- Walk through the park and exit near the play park

- Walk up Glasgow Road towards the town centre (finding the 2 elves on the way)

- Cross at the lights at the end of Glasgow Road, onto Guaze Street

- Walk along Gauze street (find the 3 elves)

- Walk past the Piazza towards the Cenotaph

- Turn at the Cenotaph and walk under the tunnel at Gilmour Street Station

- Find the Elf across the road

- Walk along Old Sneddon Street, turn left and walk under the tunnel at Moss Street

- Continue up Moss Street until you end up on the High Street

- Turn right on the High Street and walk towards the top (find the 4 elves)

- Walk back down the high street and turn right after Remode onto New Street

- Walk down New Street (find the elf)

- Walk to the bottom of New Street, turn left and walk past the Arts Centre

- Turn left onto Causeyside Street (find the last elf!)

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