Mini Active

***this programme is under review at the moment, watch this space for further information***

Mini Active is a healthy lifestyle programme for all families living in Renfrewshire with children aged between 2-4 years. mini active class

This exciting, new programme runs once a week over an eight-week period and aims to promote healthy eating and activity habits from an early age, through fun play and workshops. At least one parent/carer must attend each session with their child.

Children and their families take part in active play and fun games such as parachute games, singing with actions, Port/Starboard game, Follow the Leader, Corners, Beans game, throw and catch games and relays, many of which their families enjoyed when they were younger!

The active play session is followed by a well-deserved snack break, with snacks provided by the session leaders. Each week families are introduced to a different healthy snack, exposing young children to something tasty they may not have tried before. Current favourites include apples, bananas, grapes, raspberries, oatcakes, sugar snap peas, peppers, carrots and cucumber amongst others.

There is also an opportunity for the children to enjoy some Creative Play, including painting, colouring, hat-making, dressing up and growing their own cress seeds.

There are lots of fun themes planned for families attending each week, including Pirates & Princesses, Dinosaurs, Travel and Teddy Bears picnic to name a few!

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