Johnstone Elf Trail Route

Feeling lost? Don't worry! We have you covered.

Johnstone Directions

1. Start at Kairos Women's Space on Quarry Street and walk towards our Active Communities Hub (find the 2 Elves)

2. From Quarry Street, turn onto Craigdonald Place

3. From Craigdonald Place, turn left onto William Street

4. Take the first left on William Street, then a slight Right

5. Find the Elf at Marshall's Interiors

6. Turn back onto William Street and walk left towards the High Street

7. Turn onto Houston Square, find the Elf at Quality Cards & Gifts

8. Walk west on the High Street towards Collier Street

9. Turn Left onto George Street and find the Elf at No. 8 Johnstone

10. Continue walking down George Street, follow the street round to the right and turn onto Collier Street

11. Find the Elf at Astara Health and Beauty

12. Walk towards the High Street, turn left onto the High Street and walk towards Thorn Brae

14. On your way to Thorn Brae, find the Elf on the High Street at A.T The Salon

13. Find the Elf at Eternally Beautiful

14. Walk west on Thorn Brae towards John Lang Street, Turn left onto Canal Road

15. Turn left onto Campbell Street and continue onto Linn Brae

16. Turn right onto Beith Road

17. Turn right onto Quarrelton Road and find the Elf at Cochrane Care Home

Directions from Cochrane Care Home back to Quarry Street

1. Walk North-West on Quarellton Road towards North Road

2. Turn right onto Graham Street

3. Turn right onto Quarry Street

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