Singing Through the Ages

Singing throught the agesSinging Through the Ages is a partnership project involving Active Communities, Renfrewshire Council Sheltered Housing and Charlene Gordon, Vocal Academy.

“Singing through the Ages” aims to bring people of all ages together to enjoy singing, get to know each other and have fun.

Active Communities was delighted to set up “Singing through the Ages” in May 2013. The group was inspired by a visit from the WOOPI Singers to Mondyke Sheltered Housing Complex, as part of Agefest. One of the residents, Eleanor Williams said “We would love to have something like this at Mondyke House”.

We decided to try a six-week pilot and haven’t looked back. Charlene has worked wonders with the group and we couldn’t have done it without her! Funding from Renfrew Local Area Committee will allow us to continue and grow from strength to strength.

singing through the ages imageSadly, Eleanor passed away recently, but we are sure she would be proud of our achievements so far and thanks to her request for a singing group “Singing through the Ages was born.

The group meet at Monkdyke Sheltered Housing complex on Sunday afternoons and enjoy singing together, reminiscing about music and having a blether over a cuppa! The group have performed at a Social Work event and at The Spree Festival in Paisley.

If you think your group would be interested in starting up this kind of activity or you would like to find out more about how it works please get in touch with Susan by email: or call her at the office.

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